Wu-Tong-Dao Office Park

Concept, Design and Construction
Shenzhen, China
Design: 2010/07-2014
Building: 2012/10-2014
Site Area: 86303.4㎡
Subtotal Area: 191252.58㎡

The rectangular, eight-hectare, site is developed according to the idea of “working in the park”. With the imagination of Shangri-La, where people happily living in a valley with farmlands and forests surrounded by waters, the design of “urban lagoons” was conceived. A modern working complex amongst waters is created on the site organized as four islands according to the seasons.

The setbacks are created along the peripheral areas of the site for the planting of thousands of trees as a barrier to traffic noise, as well as for a bike path surrounding the site. These trees form a green belt of forest that provides spaces for activities and sanctuaries for wildlife. The forest allows wind to flow, light to pass, birds to nest and people to play. Trails are placed and segmented with themes of seasonal markers with appropriate trees. With seasonal changes exhibiting through trees along trails, visitors may feel like walking together with the nature and the seasons.

Water, being the origin of life, is placed at the center of the site. A lake is created with islands dotted in. Li-Chuan and Lian-Shi are two islands with cafés hidden in the woods and public squares in open areas. Between islands and the lakeshore, there are bridges and walkways. Walking on the lake and touring the islands, visitors may enjoy the woods of swamp cypress, reflections of sky in the lake, and birds flocking on the water.

Twenty-four buildings, in various heights of six to eight stories, are allocated on the site in groups of six for a total of four groups. Each group is planned as an island and named after one of the four seasons. The first floor of every building is kept open as though it were a pavilion, where wind and light can come through easily. Around each building, light wells are set-up to bring daylight into the basement parking, as well as to provide natural ventilation. Eight public courtyards are placed, each surrounded by three buildings, for public gathering and events. Courtyards are connected by trails with themes of seasonal markers. The system of courtyards and trails, with carefully selected plants and arranged pavements, celebrates seasonal changes all year long.

Each and every building has pleasant prospects to the central lake from a special “hiking path”. The hiking path is realized by using the safety escapes – staircases attached to the outside of the buildings. Going up the stairs, as if climbing a mountain, office workers, at various heights and from various viewpoints, may enjoy the scenery of reflecting forest, flocking birds, and the greenery. Landing platforms of these staircases are enlarged to provide ample space for relaxation and sightseeing, as well as a place for people to meet and chat.