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At Banmu Tang we listen to the sounds of universe and establish a conversation with nature. We interconnect with our surroundings, integrate with people's living and make our architecture fit into this rhythm, tightly and harmonically. In order to materialize such architectural philosophy, our design follows the circulation of nature, and accommodates the regional characteristics of the local environment. With a humble and respectful attitude, we make positive responses to our environment, to our culture, and to our living. We believe in a livable architecture that should breathe with nature. It should response to its time, to the environment and to the people who live within.

Architecture, the container of living, is an organism, which functions as a platform between human beings and nature. It is a living place, which connects with nature and allows people to rest their body and soul. It resembles the layer of skin, with living space inside, and nature outside. When architecture is humbly implanted into the site, it becomes the backdrop of nature and shelters people's living. When architecture functions as a window instead of a fence, nature embodies the living, and the living collects nature. People and the land therefore connect to each other, and are united as one. People and their surroundings are our ultimate concerns, and architecture only functions as the interfacial platform to communicate with them.

The life of human beings is rooted in nature. We live harmonically with the natural environment and are always following its rhythm of circulation. To us, the practice of architecture means to integrating human beings with the surrounding environment. Here at Banmu Tang, Architecture is an organism, which tightly integrates with our surroundings, embodies the environmental context, and varies with time. Under these circumstances, we name our design philosophy Solar Terms Architecture, which is a concept that originates from the idea of total integration into ones environment.