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Surrounded by green fields, old trees and a lotus pond, Banmu Tang Environmental Integration has always been keen on land caring and eco-friendly activities. Since its establishment in 1997 as architects, Banmu Tang has developed expertise in undertaking construction, interior and landscape design. In 2003, the Constructional Business Department was formally assembled as the rudiment of a team capable of design and construction integration. When Development Business Department was formed in 2006 for real estate business of land development and building cases promotion, the keystone for integrating the up and down stream of environmental business was finally in place. Thus, the department has built its credits under the concept of “One Land Developed; More Green Returned to Earth”. In 2013, the Wutong Foundation for Environmental Integration was established for Banmu Tang to continue promoting environmental concepts in greater scopes of charity events and public services.

Through years of practice in the field of architecture and land development, a philosophy of “Solar Term Architecture” was induced as the core value of Banmu Tang. A “Solar Term Lifestyle” was gradually formed among peers and our way of living along with the changing of seasons year by year. The lifestyle we embrace has then cultivated into a unique business culture of Banmu Tang. These two major systems have become the foundation to every project we plan and execute. By pursuing “a place for the soul to rest in the substantiality of ecosystem”, we strive towards the road where heaven and earth, human and land cohabitant in perfect harmony.